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Simplify Your Halloween Costume with Designer Teez

by Amy Designer Teez on October 26, 2016

Simple Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween less than a week away, there’s STILL time to get your simple, comfortable and COOL costumes from Designer Teez.  The time is ripe for finding a great, memorable costume that you can wear to the party, to impress your friends. For those of us not electing to dress up in a couple costume or team up with friends as a group theme, finding a great, comfortable costume can be a hassle. Here at Designer Teez, we are all about shirts and hoodies that simplify your costume hunt and provide an easy solution for your Halloween costume worries. You can find great pop culture shirts such as Bazinga, Shazam, Griswold Family Halloween, SWAT & more, all at great prices!

Costumes for All Types

Halloween enthusiasts of all kinds can find what they are looking for here at Designer Teez. We even have the ever-popular 404 Error: Costume Not Found, for the computer geeks! Not going anywhere fun this Halloween? Not to worry – we have some fantastic fall hoodies and shirts that will show off your festive side.

Be sure to browse our online store to discover one of the many great, simple costume ideas we have. There is a little something for everyone!

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