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What can you write about T-Shirts – OK - Let’s continue with Classic Rock T’s Contest!

by Amy Designer Teez on August 28, 2017

Chapter 2

Did you know that Mark Twain (that witty old man!) once said “Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.”  Our current society has evolved into one that uses clothing and apparel, among other things, to convey a social status, so, even today Twain’s statement rings true.

But, for the moment . . . back to the classic, favorite band t-shirts  . . . let’s turn to some of the bands of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  Did any of these favorites sparked your desire to become a billboard for their artistic endeavors?  Do you sport a tee from the Buddhist Paradise band?  Maybe it was the band with the barrels and buds?  Did you check into the Hotel California?  Did you welcome the new Tee with Open Arms?  Was it a Leviathan Heat Of the Moment thing when you bought the one with the serpent?  Did you have a Free Bird on that most comfy t?  

Were you instantly a 10 when you donned this band’s T?   I guess the Colour and the Shape of your t-shirt was epic, right?  Did you sit in the shade under The Joshua Tree during the worldwide tour wearing this shirt?  Or . . . were you rockin’ with the Bad Boys from Boston?

We had one person answer the last blog Classic Rock T-Shirt question contest.  THEY WON 50% off one t-shirt . . . See if you can answer which bands are noted in this blog and send us the answers . . . you just might be the next winner!


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