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Why All Men Should Include Some Pink in Their Summer Wardrobes

by Aiza C. Leano (fixer) on June 03, 2019

We know what you thinking.

“Pink? Really?”

Well, yes. If you still think that wearing pink is the equivalent of losing your masculinity, then you are wrong. This color has a much different history than what you know. Moreover, the whole idea of pink being unmanly is slowly fading away. With the summer knocking at the doors, it is time to freshen up your wardrobe with this beautiful color.

Here are some reasons why it is okay for men to wear pink:

1. Pink was not always a feminine color.

History will tell you that pink was not always meant as a feminine color. In the 18th century, men were known to wear floral pink silk suits and they were considered very masculine. Pink was considered a “war-like color” as it was like red. The early 1900s saw the Brooks Brothers create their now iconic pink dress shirts that became hugely popular with the Ivy League college boys.

2. It is time to let go of “pink is for girls/blue is for boys”.

The only reason this stereotype has stuck through the ages is because of the clothing companies. Pink and blue had never been gender-specific colors. In the 60s and 70s, clothing manufacturers started capitalizing on the possibility of sex detection and introduced the idea of gender-specific colors. In this day and age, do you want to be bound what some company owner in the 60s decided in a fit of greed?

3. Pink suits all skin tones.

It is a myth that the color suits only lighter skin tones. Pink is one of the most versatile colors and the best part is that it suits all skin tones. Whether you have a dark complexion or a light one, a cool t-shirt or shirt in pink will complement you perfectly.  

4. Pink is the color of breast cancer awareness.

Yes. Breast Cancer Awareness month is far away. But that does not mean that you cannot do your part. The pink ribbon has become a powerful symbol for increasing awareness of breast cancer. Similarly, wearing a cool t-shirt or shirt in pink can be your own way of supporting the cause. Putting on pink will show that you care. 

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