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“Write a Blog”, they say . . . “What more is there to write about T-SHIRTS”, I ask . . .

by Amy Designer Teez on August 15, 2017

T-Shirts.  Everyone has one, or 6, or 6 dozen.  We all wear them at one time or another, right?  Chances are you have many different styles and types.  Almost all of us have that one special Tee that brings back epic memories.  You know, the one that gives you a panic attack if it goes missing?  The one that probably should have become a rag many moons ago . . . The one your significant other threatens to toss, and you’re never quite sure that it won’t happen one day.

Is it a classic rock Tee?  Not only did we get to see the best bands – we bought their T-Shirts!  And now “X”er’s, “Y”er’s and yes, even Millennials  are snapping them up at record pace, to show how hip they are, I guess. 

Did you have all three of these classics with the Wall, Flying Pigs, and a Prism, tees?  How about the classic “Lips and Tongue”?    Do you have one with the guys who wore makeup (lots of it!) before it was “in style”?  How about the 4 boys from “Across the Pond” (who may or may not have come in a Yellow Submarine)?  Do you have one from the boys who weren’t sure what current they were, or both?  How about one of those simple black Tees with the iconic white lettered name thrashing across the front of your chest??  Did you and the Hermit show off the Stairway to Heaven?  Is your closet full of Union Jack’s and Tommy’s?  is your torso wrapped in Wings?  Are you dancing the night away with Ziggy or Aladin Sane?    Are you still stylin’ the Presidential Seal immortalizing the four founding members of the Punk Rock sound?  Are you a repressed Rasta touting Peace, Love and a Spleef with Bob?  We’d better not neglect to ask about the fiendish ghoul with the bloody hammer Killin’ it on your chest.

Whoever makes a list of the names of the bands that go along with the t-shirts above and sends it to us ( gets a 50% discount on one of our already very reasonable t-shirts.  (It will be a t-shirt (not a tank or Hoodie) and one of our inventory of existing designs.  We’ll send you a custom discount code.  Whoever posts this “contest” on their FB page and alerts their friends (tag, share AND like) (and of course, us) will get something special, also!

So, there will be more to come about iconic, historic, sentimental and Expressive t-shirts, and maybe a funny little story about me, inquiring into the meaning of some of our designs.  Stay tuned! . . .


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