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Welcome to the NEW Designer Teez Store

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Amy Designer Teez | 0 comments

Whew!!  This has been a long time coming!!  


#1  We're still updating a few product's pricing (slight increase), SO if you find the T-Shirt Designs we haven't gotten to and updated the prices, yet, you might score a slight discount (5-6%) if you find them soon!

#2  There might still be a bug or two running around the site, so please bear with us!

We are still updating and adding new product designs, every day, so check back often!

We also are committed to producing a bi-monthly newsletter with fresh content and random coupons and or discounts, so make sure you sign up at the "Opt-In" page.

If there is a topic you think would make a great article for our newsletter, please forward your suggestions to!

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